How it works
For lender
Sharing is the new buying
Everyone’s got valuable stuff that just sits around. Snap a photo, and in just a few minutes it’s posted, verified, and ready to earn you sweet, sweet cash. what can I upload?
Quupe shows you the borrower’s profile and rating, so right away you know you’re lending to someone you can trust. The Quupe Guarantee also means we’ll cover up to $10,000 if something goes wrong.
You can earn back 1/3rd of your item's value in the first month of rental.
For borrower
Consume less, experience more
Look for something nearby that would be fun to try. Quupe’s smart booking system allows you to request something for the exact time and place you need it.
2. PAY
Payments are processed through Stripe, so your information is always held safe and stored securely. Faster checkouts mean less time on screen and more time getting on with your day.
Have it delivered or pick it up, and enjoy doing something new while saving money and saving the planet.
Who are all these other people on your site?
They’re people just like you: They have a lot of stuff, or the desire to try new things, and they’re interested in the world-changing potential of the sharing economy movement. Or they just like getting access to cool things.
So can I trust them?
Trust is the number one thing we think about at Team Quupe. We vet all of our users. We confirm phone numbers, emails, social media, and in order to make a purchase through the app, they must register a credit card through our payments-processing system. The cofounder of AirBNB, Joe Gebbia, had a great line about this: “The sharing economy is commerce with the promise of human connection.”
What methods do we use for verification?
We currently use, email, phone and social network verification. Our ID and address verification will be integrated soon.
What if I borrow an item, but it doesn’t work as advertised?
Well, them’s the breaks. Just kidding. We’ll get you a refund, or if you’d prefer, we’ll come to your office, bring you cupcakes, and sing you a few bars of a song of your choosing.
Any song?
We draw the line at “Escape (The Pina Colada Song).”
How does the ratings and review system work?
It’s pretty similar to other ratings and review systems for marketplaces — both you and the other user will be prompted to leave a review after the transaction is completed, and you can review the item itself, the other user, and the overall transaction quality. We’ve designed it so that the community self-regulates in terms of which users can be trusted and which can’t be. If you have a bad experience with a user, or a product not being as advertised, you can of course leave a bad rating, but we’d also
like to hear about it
What happens if my thing gets broken? I need my thing.
We cover you if anything happens. We’ve got a guarantee in place to pay the replacement value of anything up to $2500.
That’s it? You’ll just give me the money?
We’ll ask you to send us pictures of it from before and after, fill out some forms so we’re all covered from a legal standpoint, but other than that, yes, this is the policy. We trust our users. That’s kind of our whole deal as a company.
How long do I have to file a claim of a lost or damaged item?
24 hours after the rental has ended.
What’s the procedure for things like cosmetic scratches?
A normal amount of wear and tear is to be expected, so if it’s something you absolutely cannot abide the thought of having a new scratch on, probably best not to send it out for rent. Our users are all lovely people, but of course accidents do happen.
How do I file a claim?
To start the claims process, shoot us a
message here
. We’ll get back to you straight away with forms and next steps.
What does that involve?
Mainly, assuring us that you haven’t filed a bunch of other insurance claims recently. Other than that, we try to make the process as easy and painless as we can.
How do payments work? Is my credit card safe?
All our payments are processed through Stripe, so they’re secure and convenient, and everything goes through the app, so you don’t have to think about it or haggle.
How do I get access to the money I’ve earned?
You can withdraw the money at any time. If you withdraw when your balance is below $50, a service fee of $1.50 is assessed by the bank. If you withdraw when your balance is higher than that, we’ll cover the service fee.
How do you calculate the prices on the rental algorithm?
We use number-crunching, data analysis, and witchcraft to arrive at the fairest price for both lender and borrower. Okay, it’s not witchcraft. It’s math.
So I have to go with whatever the algorithm says?
Most people do, yeah – about 85% of people accept the algorithm’s given price. But honestly, you can do whatever you want. We’re not here to tell you how to live your life, so the system lets you override the price if it feels wrong for you. That said, we do put a “verified price” checkmark on prices that came from our algorithm. If online verification checkmarks matter to you — as they obviously should — you’ll have to use our price.
But the algorithm priced my item all wrong!
We’d love to hear about it. We’re always tweaking things to become more accurate. Please
drop us a line
What if two people decide to just circumvent your system and do a rental on their own?
We’ll suspend their accounts. We know that sounds harsh, but a healthy marketplace depends on the marketplace itself being used. But also, if you decide to go rogue and conduct the transaction yourself, we can’t cover you if something happens to your item. Stick with us; it’s safer, and also we kinda think it’s the right thing to do. We built it for you, after all!
Are we limited in terms of what we can put up for rent?
We curate everything that gets posted, and we don’t let junky postings through (junky postings would include, by our judgment, a pen cap or a broken CD case. Ha! Remember CDs?) As far as more high-end offerings, we’d suggest that for now, you stick to posting things that cost you less than $10,000to buy, since that’s the current limit of our insurance guarantee. But in theory, there’s no limit to what you can put up for rent on Quupe.
Yes, but use your common sense. No live animals, no chainsaws, no illegal stuff, and no government officials.
What is this?
Quupe is a sharing economy community for neighbours to rent things to each other.
What kinds of things can I rent on Quupe?
Quupe is great for short- and medium-term rentals of things like tools and electronics, recreational items (bikes, kayaks, hoverboards, cameras) and event items (tables, chairs, bouncy castles, and so on). If there are other categories you'd like us to feature, please
get in touch
Why did you decide to build this community?
We realized that everyone has great stuff just sitting around in dark storage rooms for most of the year, and we want to get it out and into people’s hands who can use it.
Do you have a bigger, even more audacious goal I can get behind?
You know it. Over the next twenty years, we’d like to change consumption patterns so fewer things end up in landfills. For example, if you need a power washer and Quupe exists, you might do one of two things: 1. Not buy one, because you can rent one from someone nearby whenever you need it, or 2. Buy a top-of-the-line one, since it’ll be subsidized by your community of local lenders. Since you have the best-quality product, it’ll last infinitely longer. Now imagine if everyone did the same. #ZeroWaste
What does the name “Quupe” mean?
It’s short for “recoup,” as in “recoup your investment.”
How do you pronounce it?
So why is it spelled like that?
We wanted something everyone would be able to easily pronounce and remember.
That was sarcasm, right?
It was, unless you’re one of those rare people who pronounces it “koop” on the first try, in which case, hats off to you.
Can I get an invite code for the app?
Sure, if you’re interested in being one of our beta testers,
shoot us a message here
. Android and iOS releases are both in the works; look for them in 2017. (Word about our iOS app might come even sooner.)
What’s the weirdest thing that’s been posted on the site?
We don’t know if it’s weird, but probably the coolest thing that’s gone out for rent is this avalanche airbag. That could literally save someone’s life, right there. We love weird things, though. Got something weird? Why not post it now?
I like the idea of being a lender, but I don’t have anything that people might want.
Most people find they actually do have a lot of valuable — and valued — things sitting around, once they start thinking about it. Need inspiration? Here’s a list of the most-requested items.
How much does it cost to join?
Joining Quupe is free, and listing items is free, too.
I have a small business, and I want to upload, like, a lot of stuff.
We love that! If you’d like to talk to someone about bulk uploading your inventory,
get in touch here
I’m a member of the press, and I’d like to do a story on Quupe.
Great! Please
get in touch
I’d like to send you some cookies for building such an amazing website for me to use.
You can mail them to 16 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver BC, V5Y 1K1. We like chocolate chip.
I’ve got some feedback on ways the site can be better. Who can I tell?
We love feedback on how we can improve. Please
get in touch
I’m having trouble with the site, and it’s emergency-ish in nature.
You can get in touch with us using our
live chat
Are you hiring?
Not at the moment, but feel free to get in touch anyway: info@quupe.com. As we expand, we’ll need great people to join us.
Have more questions?
We're here to help.