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How it works
Upload item
Got valuable stuff sitting around? Snap a photo, and in just a few minutes it's posted, verified, and ready to earn you sweet, sweet cash.
Get requests
People near you can browse your items, and soon you'll get notifications of booking requests. Click accept, and you'll be able to coordinate pick-up with the borrower.
Earn money
Our payments are processed through Stripe, so it's easy to start earning money from stuff you already own. Plus, you'll be helping your community, and how great is that?
The Quupe guarantee means you're covered up to $10,000 for any item you post. Safety first! (But on that note: No chainsaws.) Quupe earns a 20% cut of each transaction, part of which facilitates this guarantee.
Extra income
You already own it. Why not put it to work for you? See how easy it is to start earning money from stuff you already own.
Community building
We're all looking to build strong communities. Quupe just helps you fast-track the process by helping you make connections with people nearby.
Sustainable living
The sharing economy is on the rise, and as everyone grows more comfortable with the idea of sharing resources — all resources — fewer things will end up in landfills. The revolution is here; join us!
Some helpful tips
How to be an amazing lender in 9 easy steps (read: GIFs)
Wondering what to post? Here's what people are looking for
Why the sharing economy is the way of the future
What our users have to say
I borrowed the snowboard for 1 day from Angela Hamilton and it was great. Really simple process and got exactly what I needed! (This section will need 3 user comeents that will change...)
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